An easy 6 hours drive separated us from the island of Penang, more precisely the city of Georgetown.
If you plan to drive in Malaysia, be careful to the road, sometimes it gets a bit rough.
We had breakfast in one of the many stands that sit at the edge of the road with local fruits (so tasty) and ice cream.

Insider’s tip: don’t be aftaid of those stands, the fruits they sell are of amazing good quality, picked up from fields nearby, the merchants are kind and helpful even if they speak little english, and the prices are extremely low. Leave tips, they deserve it. It was already dark when we got to Georgetown, and there were a lot of people on the street, “let’s see what’s going on” was our first thought.

Dropped our luggage in the hostel we had a stroll ourside looking for food and trying to get in touch with the city. All the streets of the centre are packed with shops selling clothes, souvenirs and weird things; stands serving mostly what they call “street food”: local food cooked in those tiny stands fully equipped by extremely fast and efficient locals (sometimes it didn’t look that inviting); restaurants of any range of price…that is what we were expecting from this city: folklore!

Streets in Penang
Streets in Penang

Georgetown is also known for its street art displays: only walking around everywhere you’ll find a piece of art which is absolutely peculiar, and they also provide you with a map to discover all those pieces of art.

Street Art Penang.jpg
Street Art in GeorgeTown

Not to miss is also the famous China House, the longest venue in town and famous for its pastries. It looks like a corridor probably some 150m long that has 2 entrances, one on one side of the block, in Victoria street, and the other on the other side, in Beach Street. Absolutely delicious!
In the island of Penang is also possible to visit pristine beaches, temples of any religion, and have an overview of the city from the highest peak: Penang Hill. Everything reachable in a short/medium bus ride. The peak didn’t particularly amaze us, maybe due to the cloudy weather, but you do get a view of the entire city, and further. We bet in a sunny day it would be completely different!
The temples instead are quite interesting, especially from the outside: walls and roofs filled with decorations, statues and lights. Particularly big is “Kek Lok Si temple”, which sits on a hill just outside the town, and gets thousands of visitors everyday.

Kuan Yi Temple
Kek Lok Si temple
Kek Lok Si Temple

As everywhere else so far in Malaysia, people are very kind and wanted to learn from our culture as much as we wanted to learn from theirs. Georgetown left us positively surprised about the city life in Malaysia, but sadly we had only 2 days to enjoy it.

Mahamariamman hindu temple
Mahamariamman Hindu Temple


The following day we would leave the country, heading to another small, wealthy and ultra modern country. Stay with us if you are curious to know where Onelifetravelling is heading to!


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